Child Custody and Support

Child custody and child support are often emotional and contentious issues in a divorce proceeding.

If such matters are mishandled, the children can be the ones to pay the highest the price – an outcome that we are committed to avoid. It is always our goal to provide a stable home for children of parents who are pursuing a divorce, by effecting an outcome where new home conditions resemble pre-divorce conditions and routines to the greatest degree possible. To this end, we diligently work on behalf of our clients to make sure that child support accurately reflects the income of both parties. Furthermore, in order to avoid any unnecessary financial hardship, we will relentlessly seek to uncover any hidden or undisclosed assets that could be of benefit to the client and children involved.

Should a divorce proceeding end up in Court, the Judge will make every effort to create an environment of continuity and normalcy for the child, taking into account such issues such as the age and health of the child and the child’s emotional ties with the parents, whether or not there is a history of family violence or substance abuse.

Whatever course a child support and child custody case takes, clients should rest assured that the comfort and well-being of the children will remain our team’s number one priority as we strive to ensure that each parent retains the means to provide a loving and prosperous home.