Meakins Law is a different kind of family law firm, representing clients from San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and the East Bay. Our attorneys aim to guide people through their most significant family transitions. We believe that listening to our clients and focusing on what they want, rather than falling back on stock legal advice, is the only way to thoroughly understand a case and achieve a desired outcome. Our firm operates like a start-up. We keep our office minimal and open, and work with a “less is more” mentality. Our family law lawyers and divorce attorneys are energetic and aggressive. Commitment and collaboration form the bedrock of our approach: we play to the strengths of each firm member in order to provide the most effective and efficient legal representation for our clients.

We care about the wellbeing of each and every client, and that includes financial understanding. We know that the economics of pursuing legal services contributes to the overall stress of any legal matter, and that all too often, people seeking family law support feel that their attorney only compounds their anxiety and increases their financial burden. At Meakins Law, we strive to help our clients feel empowered about their family law matters through empathetic and polished legal work, as well as by striving to contain costs to the greatest degree possible.

We are continually humbled by the glowing testimonials we receive from past clients. Case after case, we receive thanks not only for our expert legal representation, but also for the evident importance we place on connecting at the human level. We know we owe our success to our ability to truly listen to our clients and become fierce advocates for their rights. We are proud of the kind of firm we have created and the kind of law we are practicing.

We understand that each family requires a unique approach to marriage and family planning, child adoption or custody. Our firm provides support to all family arrangements and we are thrilled to now be able to offer marriage-planning services to the Bay Area’s LGBT community. Our Berkeley family law practice is full of skilled practitioners and dedicated divorce lawyers.