We know that when couples marry, they expect to live happily together for the rest of their lives, raising a family, sharing their assets and accumulating a lifetime’s worth of wonderful memories. They do not expect divorce, although we know that 50% of marriages end this way. As a result, the divorce process can easily become bitter and acrimonious. We work with our clients to make the divorce process as painless and streamlined as possible because we know what a stressful time it can be. 

It is our job to make sure the division of assets in a divorce is fair and equitable. We take special care with matters of child support, which we know can become contentious. We work on behalf of our clients to identify income and expenses and, if applicable, discover hidden or nontraditional sources of income in order to reach the fairest and most beneficial agreement possible. The best interest of the child is always a priority in a divorce.

The best-case scenario for a client is an uncontested divorce proceeding, in which both parties agree on division of property and assets and a plan for child custody and support. Clients can expect our firm to settle such a case within a reasonable timeframe and at minimal cost, allowing them to move on with their lives, careers and relationships with their children, while retaining their rightful assets.

In situations where an amicable agreement is not possible, the divorce will necessitate litigation and the Court will make the final decisions about the division of property. In such situations, clients can rely on our team of skilled, tenacious litigators to vigorously represent them in court. However, at Meakins Law, we do believe that lengthy legal battles often wind up benefitting lawyers more than their clients. For this reason, we will always strive to achieve a satisfactory settlement instead.