Postnuptial Agreements

While postnuptial agreements are still not commonplace, their growing popularity testifies to their invaluable role in setting a marriage on firm foundations – not necessarily an “unromantic” gesture at all, we believe. The postnuptial agreement is a contract that allows couples to solidify their relationship expectations; ultimately, it is there to protect the property rights of both partners. In the disappointing event of dissolution, couples that took this simple, prudent step can expect a more amicable and streamlined divorce.

Meakins Law is executing a growing number of postnuptial agreements for practically-minded couples. Our attorneys are skilled at addressing complex financial issues, including business and corporate interests, pensions and retirement plans, stock portfolios and real property, in order to craft a perfect agreement.

At Meakins Law, we completely understand the initial awkwardness that many clients feel about discussing money matters and the possibility of dissolution. We encourage our clients to think of a postnuptial agreement as just one of many significant practical decisions that they will make as they build a life together. We believe this is a heartening step, and our team is skilled at making couples feel comfortable with the idea and fostering a constructive dialog around it, guiding them toward an outcome in which the assets of both partners are protected.
You can rely on Meakins Law to assist in creating a contract that will strengthen your bond as well as protect your assets. Every couple can utilize family law contract representation in order to lay a strong foundation for a happy and stable life.